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Abstract Vision

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Each painting begins with a powerful prayer, asking for divine guidance and direction for anyone buying one of my masterpieces. 

About Lyn Daniels

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The Beginning...

My passion for abstract art began in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In fifth grade, there was a school contest to create a drawing for the City of Chicago. The winner would have their drawing displayed in the Mayor’s Office and receive a $50.00 prize. Much to my surprise, I won! Art has always been a significant part of my life. Creating abstract drawings and seeing the joy on the faces of my family and friends has been truly rewarding. As I progressed through school, I continued taking art classes and even received a scholarship to study art at the Art Institute of Chicago, which I ultimately declined.

Later on...

Approximately 15 years ago, I felt a rekindling of my passion for abstract painting, leading me to create captivating artwork once again. Each painting I embark upon commences with a heartfelt prayer, seeking guidance and inspiration for the prospective owner of the artwork. These paintings possess a profound message, evoking feelings of enlightenment, tranquility, and imagery that allow viewers to perceive and experience the intention that the divine has bestowed upon them. Furthermore, these captivating artworks serve as a medium for individuals to share their experiences with others.

My Vision, Mission & Goal

- Lyn- “To inspire, invoke, enlighten peaceful images for the world to experience - one person at a time. These are examples of my custom paintings. Each is one of a kind and made to order. A few of the samples are for sale below.”

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I understand that each individual possesses distinct preferences and perspectives on artistic expression. If you have not yet discovered a piece that resonates with you within my current collection, I can craft one exclusively for you


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